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NEWAYS is a family company, inspired by the mission: to spread around the world the most safe and effective products to enhance health and longevity, with the motto "Beauty, Health, Spirituality." The company's mission is to give consumers only the products that will not harm their body. The firm's founder is Tom Mower, a prominent American scholar biochemist. This international company develops and manufactures by itself all products that offer consumers. Own factories are located in ecologically clean regions of the world: Salem, Utah, and Auckland, New Zealand. At some stage the company managed to reduce the cost of production of some components to the level of real consumer possibilities and raised the laboratory production to industrial  levels.

Chemical products NEWAYS are free of dioxin. Cosmetics NEWAYS do not contain any hazardous or potentially hazardous components. And the effective ingredients are the basis of the extraordinary effectiveness of this product.

All NEWAYS preparations are complex biochemical structures, they are compatible with each other and with body tissues, stable in storage, do not block access of air into the skin and penetrate into it in great depth.

NEWAYS  herbal formulas (Supplements) are deprived of artificial additives, eco-friendly, efficient for therapeutic, preventive and rehabilitative measures. If you suffer from drug allergy, immunity and the presence of contraindications, these formulas are completely irreplaceable.


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